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El'Jefe/Server Administrator

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PostSubject: Read Rules   Read Rules I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 12, 2009 9:58 pm

Read those rules before browsing through these forums.

# Do not spam (making useless posts).
# Do not flame (disrespect another member).
# Do not double/triple post (post more than once). You must wait 24-hours before posting again.
# Do not post pornography or any other offensive pictures. ( even in your own profile )
# Do not be racist, this is not tollerated and you will be banned immediately.
# Administrators/moderators must be 14+. If they have lied about their age,we will find out.
# Do not type in capitals unless you are emphasising something (should only be used by admins/moderators).
# Do not impersonate someone or something in any way. This means acting you are something or someone when your really not. Don't do it.
# Do not impersonate an admin or an moderator, its lame and being one isn't for the fun of it.
# For photos, use




If you wish to change your forums name do NOT make another account, PM an Admin to change the name for you.
If you do make another account and we find out it is highly possible that you will get all of your accounts deleted!
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